Why and How to Promote Your Band With Facebook Live

Use Facebook Live to broadcast behind the scenes from soundcheck

By: Pat Watters 
​Published: February 5, 2017

A couple of years ago, Facebook rolled out a new tool in their arsenal called Facebook Live. It was Facebook’s response to the popularity of live video tools like Periscope, and it worked. It worked really well. Here’s WHY you need to take advantage of this excellent tool sooner than later: 

  1. Facebook likes video. The future of Facebook is video. As such, they give video content preferential treatment in the newsfeed. Your Facebook Live video will reach more fans than a regular text-based facebook post. I guarantee it.
  2. People who follow your band receive a notification every time you go live. When you post a live video, every single fan of your band who is on Facebook will receive a notification that you have gone live. And a TON of them will tune in.
  3. It’s easy and helps you get in front of more people more often. Grab your phone. Open Facebook's Pages app, and tap the Live button. Boom. You’re live. 

Alright, now that we’ve covered WHY you should use it, here’s HOW to make the best use of Facebook Live.

  1. Pick your moments. This is the most important point to keep in mind. You know how a little bit of seasoning can go a long way? Such is the case for Facebook Live. Because your followers will receive notifications, you have to make sure they realize your video is worth tuning in to. Don’t waste their time, or they won’t pay attention when you have something valuable to say. 
  2. Announce Your Big Events. This is the best time to use Facebook Live. Are you opening for a national act? Putting on a show in a town you haven’t been to in a while? Planning to release a new single or album? When you have something tangible and BIG to say, Facebook Live is a great way to say it. For example: 
  3. Go live the day of the show. I do this every time I remember to, and it works really well. I should really do it more, and so should you. Get more mileage out of your sound check or set up. Facebook Live is a great way to remind your fans that you have a show tonight, and tease it with a soundcheck video and a reminder of when the show is happening. See below for example:


​Facebook Live is an incredibly effective tool for promoting your band, if you use it correctly. Give it a try using these practices and figure out a formula that works for you. Facebook could change things tomorrow. So the time to strike is NOW..Go make some noise!

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